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Don't Be Afraid If I Hug You

  • 56min
  • Niccolò Maria Pagani
  • Italy
  • 2020

Franco Antonello has a son, Andrea, who is autistic. When Andrea turned 18, father and son decided to cross the USA by motorbike. From that adventure, the writer Fulvio Ervas wrote the book Don’t Be Afraid If I Hug You, that in 2019 became a movie directed by Academy Award Winner Gabriele Salvatores.    

During the production of the movie, Franco and Andrea take on the road again, to cross Europe to Africa, arriving in the Saharan desert. Along the way, we marvel at the depth of the father-son relationship and the challenges that still lie before them. They travelled 9,000 kilometres full of adventures, from hurricanes to landslides, giving life to a film that talks about autism and the relationship between a father and son. A story that shows the courage of a man who decided not to give up. 


Don’t Be Afraid if I Hug You is a film of great feelings, capable of arousing emotions in the viewer’s heart [it] also leaves an important message [that] we could all be heroes if only we really wanted to, it would be enough to have the courage to never give up. 
Corriere, Salentino Italy 

This film is part of our Family/Whānau Category, proudly presented by Rei Foundation.

Don’t Be Afraid If I Hug You is supported by Kind & Co.



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