For Me and Others Like Me (2019)

  • 30min
  • Sein Lyan Tun
  • Myanmar
  • 2019

14-year-old Buddhist nun, Eaindra Wadi, comes from Nagaland, where her ethnic group may be considered one of the most uneducated in Myanmar (Burma).

Wadi wants to study at the University of Medicine to become the first ever nun-doctor. But nuns have fewer opportunities for education. After she raises the issue with the head of the nunnery, her curiosity drives her towards the Ministries of Education and Health.

On top of her daily duties as a nun, she will need to study hard. Wadi plans to write a letter to the Ministry of Education seeking the right for nuns to be educated, but she’s afraid all the pressures and demands in her life will make her lose hope.

Will her dream come true?


Sein Lyan Tun