Hurting to Heal (2019)

  • 16min
  • Kate Gordon
  • New Zealand
  • 2019

All short films in the festival are free thanks to Chorus.

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*** Sexual abuse trigger warning ***

This powerful film describes one woman’s journey from childhood rape to healing, recovery and happiness.

It takes us to the darkest day of Sarah’s life and sheds light on the long-term effects of sexual abuse and the difficulties of dealing with the judicial system.

Hurting to Heal was motivated by my personal struggles with mental illness and my passion for sexual abuse advocacy. My goal is to bring attention to an issue so often ignored or seen as too sensitive to discuss. But it needs to be discussed. And we need to make change.
— Kate Gordon

Previous festival selections include:
Courage Film Festival, Berlin
Cinema Sisters International (Tertiary Section), USA

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Kate Gordon



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