I Want to Give My Brain to Richard Faull (2019)

  • 44min
  • Folko Boermans
  • New Zealand
  • 2019

“This is just wonderful in every way.”
– Kristen Cartmer, Doc Edge

Brently is usually up before daybreak. He loves to see the sunrise, and so he sits down on his front step with his first cup of tea. Then he sends a daily email to say that he made it through the night.

“Day 513, good sleep, first cuppa, breakfast soon.”

30 years ago, Brently Ford had a life-changing event. Recently divorced, he ended up at an open day for renowned Kiwi neurologist Sir Richard Faull’s Centre of Brain Research in Auckland. Swept up in the enthusiasm of the young students, he can remember being given a brain to hold.

“While I don’t like to use
the word spiritual (I’m an atheist),
something changed in me
and I looked around and thought…
this is where I belong… but not yet!”

Brently Ford

From then on he has made it his mission to ensure his brain is donated to Sir Richard Faull when he passes away. There is only one slight snag; Brently lives alone on Waiheke Island. If he were to die in his sleep at 3am, no-one would know. By the evening someone might notice. Meanwhile, his brain could be 12 hours old.

Brently had seen an interview with Professor Faull. He was asked: how soon after death did he like to get a brain? Professor Faull’s response was “preferably within 5 hours.”

Brently decides he needs to do something about that.

Director Folko Boermans is a BAFTA award-winning editor who has produced and directed a range of documentaries for the BBC.

Watch Q&A: Dane Giraud talks to director Folko Boermans

Want to donate your brain? Read the University of Auckland article here.


Folko Boermans



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