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Love: The Last Chapter

  • 1h 19m
  • Dominique Keller
  • Canada
  • 2021

With startlingly intimate access, director Keller follows three different couples as they navigate the delights and challenges of late-in-life romance.  

Following the daily routines in the facility, Keller peers into the kingdom of old age and brings each couple’s journey into tender focus. Despite health concerns, mobility issues, and interference from concerned families, the need for intimate connection and closeness remains steadfast.  

From the excitement of new relationships to the enduring marriages, we peek into daily life and navigation of the later years of life. Packed with emotion, unexpected twists and turns, the film turns its eye on an overlooked community. 


The film gently reveals its unique protagonists, interrupted with cheeky humour, innuendo, heartache, romance, and some of the funniest love scenes you could ever see.   Kristen Cartmer, Doc Edge 

This film is part of our Family/Whānau Category, proudly presented by Rei Foundation.


Dominique Keller


Dominique Keller


Karen Pickles


Coty Savard



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