Silicon Valley, Baby. (2020)

  • 58min
  • Erika Haavisto
  • Finland, United States
  • 2020


“An unpolished portrait of the startup reality in Silicon Valley: the heaven & the hell.”
– Antti Merilehto, Chief Growth Officer at Houston Analytics

Erika and Kalle are a young Finnish couple in their late 20’s. They move to San Francisco where Kalle sets up an instant coffee startup. Since day one, Erika films Kalle in the heart of startups - Silicon Valley. Kalle believes it’s his duty to change the life of one billion people for the better. Anything else is a waste of time.

In San Francisco Erika understands immediately that time is money. Therefore, all Kalle’s time is dedicated to work - at the factory, in meetings, networking events. Even at home. Each minute has to be optimised and seized to reach daily productivity targets. Erika has to follow Kalle every second with her camera or she’ll lose touch. Her spouse is slipping into the manic startup bubble, where normalcy is a curse word.

Months pass and Kalle’s hard work starts to pay off: his startup raises 3M dollars. The company gets accepted also in the world’s most desired startup incubators, Y Combinator. New York Times publishes a praising article of Kalle’s startup innovation. Kalle wonders why the things he has dreamt of feel like nothing when he reaches them. Erika follows from aside more worried day by day.

Silicon Valley has changed her husband. Suddenly, their life values don’t meet - one wants to have a great impact, the other finds happiness in people and art. Kalle proposes to Erika. Soon after an instant wedding the pressure gets intense for Kalle in his company. Why do others never seem to get tired, feel anxious or insufficient? No one talks about the dark side of Silicon Valley - how people don’t always have the strength to carry on under pressure.

Kalle leaves his own startup. The couple returns to Finland, Kalle has decided to finish his Bachelor Degree. Erika feels excited and happy to finally have time together.

After three months in Finland Kalle receives a phone call from San Francisco…

Previous festival selections include:
DocPoint, Helsinki
New York Independent Film Festival


Erika Haavisto


Finnish, English

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Will Joseph Interviews Erika Haavisto

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