Stevenson - Lost and Found (2019)

  • 1h 16m
  • Sally Williams
  • New Zealand, United States
  • 2019


“A bitter-sweet romp through the stellar, 67-year career of a remarkable artist.”

Opening as the artist celebrates his 85th birthday, director Sally Williams celebrates James Stevenson, one of The New Yorker Magazine’s most prolific cartoonists – and arguably the most beloved. Revered for its weighty commentary on world affairs, The New Yorker found its sweet side in the wit, whimsy and sheer joie de vivre of Stevenson’s illustrations and articles.

Williams, whose TV work includes Orangutan Island for NHNZ and Jurassic C.S.I. for National Geographic, has unearthed a truly dazzling volume of work, a whimsical and yet incisive chronicle of its time.

”…a beautifully imagined portrait
of the inimitable and beloved Jim Stevenson.”

– Molly Haskell, film critic

It’s clear that director Sally Jean Williams wants this documentary to be a love letter to Stevenson.

Poet, children’s book author, op-ed contributor, father of nine children, and quintessential oddball, Stevenson is battling dementia. “Man is like a ladder,” he says, “strong in the middle and missing a few rungs towards the end.”

Sally Williams’ Ken Dewey: This is a Test played Doc Edge Festival 2017.

Listen to the review by Newstalk here.

Previous festival selections include:

Check out Sally Williams’ Stevenson Lost & Found interview on Newshub


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Khalid Albaih Interviews Sally Williams

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