The Forum (2019)

  • 1h 55m
  • Marcus Vetter
  • Germany, Switzerland
  • 2019

Sun 14 Jun, 7pm
Thu 18 Jun, 11am
Mon 29 Jun, 5pm

“One of the most priceless moments in documentary cinema this year.”
— Vladan Petković, Cineuropa

In times of rampant populism and growing mistrust of the elite, director Marcus Vetter is the first filmmaker to go behind the scenes of 81-year-old Klaus Schwab’s controversial World Economic Forum.

Vetter tracks Schwab over a period of two years, as Schwab works to achieve his mission: to improve the state of the world. Can Schwab’s vision bear fruit and contribute to solving global problems? Or is it just another part of the problem?

A procession of princes, presidents and other guests — mostly male and all English-speakers — reinforces preconceptions about Schwab’s initiative. But there are also critical voices at the table: Greenpeace’s Jennifer Morgan, former US vice president Al Gore, and teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

“A fascinating and admirably-balanced
deep dive into the organisation
that brings together the elite from the worlds of
politics, big business and beyond.”

— Amber Wilkinson, Screen

Throughout, Schwab keeps things moving forward, answering Vetter’s questions about the WEF’s impact and its partners.

Is Schwab doing his best to drag the event into a new millennium? And does his approach benefit the world or only the elites who attend the forum?

Previous festival selections include:
Dok Leipzig


Marcus Vetter


German, French, English, Swiss, Spanish, Portuguese

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