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The Taste Of Desire

  • 1h 27m
  • Willemiek Kluijfhout
  • Netherlands
  • 2021

A cinematic exploration of our deepest wishes through the eyes of six very different people, in which the oyster symbolises our life’s desires. In murky waters, the oyster is peeled off the sea floor, dull, brown, grey pitted, it’s brought to the surface, clutched between two fingers and prised open.

Inside is the glinting flesh open to the light, and on occasion the solid glistening treasure of the pearl.

From a burlesque dancer to Michelin chefs, moving between France, Sweden, New York, England and Japan, the film samples real-life experiences, interpretations and passions.

Cinematically stunning, with captivating characters, this bold film examines the complexity of human desire: our relationship to the world around us and ultimately what lengths we will go to find satisfaction.

A sensual, searching and at times surreal philosophical adventure.


An exploration of this fascinating mollusc, and those it inspires, as you’ve never seen it before.
Darlene Naponse, Hot Docs 

This cinematic documentary explores the intricate nature of our deepest yearnings and quest for self-fulfillment.
Eye Film Institute, Netherlands 

This film is part of our Around the World in Nine Films Category, proudly presented by RNZ.

The Taste of Desire is supported by Heart of the City.


English, Japanese, French, Swedish

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