Waterproof (2019)

  • 1h 28m
  • Daniela König
  • Germany
  • 2019


“Two women, two worlds, one occupation.”

Dust-dry and scorching hot, Jordan is one of the most arid countries in the world. Water is precious and sometimes has to be transported over hundreds of kilometres. It’s no wonder plumbing is a highly-regarded profession there: every drop of water counts. It needs to be carefully protected from evaporating, getting dirty, dripping or seeping away.

A catchy song plays on a car radio. In the car, giggling, singing and smoking, three women are on their way to their next job. 

Aishe, Rehab and Khawla are plumbers. The trio fix leaks, clean water tanks and teach women how to handle water properly. Jordan needs more female tradespeople, given the prohibition on unchaperoned women associating with unrelated males, but there’s also opposition to women taking on roles traditionally performed by men.

Daniela König’s film offers intimate and carefully observed insights into the private and professional lives of women in a society where they’re far from equal.

The first female plumber in Jordan, Khawla’s on a mission to train more women.

When her husband died, Aishe became the sole breadwinner of her family, and learned to become a plumber from Khawla. They’ve worked together ever since, becoming close friends. Business is booming, despite opposition from some quarters, and Aishe dreams of becoming independent.

“Refreshing independent-mindedness
and humour – after all,
girls just want to have fun.”


Khawla seems to have accomplished everything she set out to — until she has to stand trial on corruption allegations. The reputation of the plumbing company suffers — as does Aishe’s and Khawla’s friendship.

When Khawla needs Aishe to testify for her in court, Aishe is not sure what to do — to be loyal to her best friend or look out for her own best interests.

Will they make their friendship waterproof again?

During development, Daniela König’s Waterproof won the European Women’s Audiovisual Network award at Dok Leipzig, where it also held its world premiere screening in 2019.

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