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You Are Not A Soldier

  • 1h 50m
  • Aleksei Abib
  • Maria Carolina Telles
  • Brazil
  • 2021

Director Telles’s father was soldier who wanted to be on the front lines of war. To understand the complexity that drove her father to risk his live, she conducts a character study of award-winning war photographer André Liohn. The film contrasts the terrifying tale of a photojournalist staunchly bearing witness to heart-breaking conflict with the duties of a father, putting himself in the line of fire.

From the blood and dust of bomb-wrecked cities and the children who occupy its abandoned buildings, to the tender admissions of his own young children, this is a revealing portrait of Liohn. Highly decorated for his work, his life takes a drastic turning point shortly after the death of his colleagues Marie Colvin, Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros.

Presenting his ethics and integrity in the face of violence, he begins to question his motives for placing himself in such danger and examines the disturbing but fine line between the life and death he has witnessed and to what end he will go to reveal those truths

André was a man who struggled with his own internal grief, often choosing to immerse himself in some of the world’s most notorious conflict zones.
– Heather Haynes, Hot Docs


Arabic, English, Italian, Portuguese

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