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You asked, we listened, and the encore season will run until 19 July.
32 features, including 6 award-winners, are back for you to watch
ON-DEMAND and yes, over 20 amazing shorts are still available for free,
thanks to Chorus!

During the encore season, you can screen films whenever you want.

You can rent individual titles, or you can buy a binge pass,
and watch as many features as you want.

However you rent your film, as a single title or a binge pass,
you have 48 hours to watch your film from the time you click ‘Play Now’.
After 48 hours, you’ll be unable to watch it.
ALL films expire at 11:59pm on Sunday 19 July.

Rental: $11.00

To rent a single film, follow the walk-through below.

Special Offers!

Chorus Half-Price Tickets - $5.50

Want to rent a film for half-price? Chorus have made it possible for you to enjoy one for just $5.50.
All you need to do is tick the “I have a promo code” box, enter CHORUS and the discount will automatically be applied.

Please note: Offer is for one film only. By using any Chorus Deal promo code you are agreeing
to receive updates about products and services, promotions, offers, news and events from Chorus via email.
(T&C apply)

Binge Pass: - NOW $50!

If you love docos and want to see as may as you can,
you can rent them all at once. Fill up your library, and watch whenever you want until 19 July.
Go here to rent them all and use the promo code LASTBINGE

How To

For info on technical requirements to view films, go here
For the full FAQ, go here

Step 1
Go to the front page and choose the film you’re interested in.

enter image description here

Step 2
Click on the film image to find out more information. That takes you to the film’s own page.
Click on the ‘Rent’ button to rent the film.

enter image description here

Step 3
If you’ve got a promo code, check the box.
A new dialogue box will open.
Enter your promo code.

enter image description here

Step 4
Enter your credit/debit card details.
Make sure to enter the number, then expiry date, and CVC.
Click ‘Rent’.

enter link description here

Step 5
If you want to watch the film straight away, click ‘Play Now’. The film will start.
If you don’t want to watch straight away, close the dialogue box by clicking the small X.
You’ll receive an email confirmation, which is also your receipt.

enter link description here

Step 6
When you close the dialogue box, you are returned to the film page.
The button that used to say ‘Rent’, now says ‘Play Now’.
Click it when you’re ready to watch the film.

enter image description here

Step 7
You can also find all films you’ve rented in your library.

enter image description here