A Broken Earth (2020)

  • 35min
  • James Muir
  • New Zealand
  • 2020

All over the world fossil fuel industries have undermined communities and severely impacted the health of people and the planet. In Taranaki, New Zealand, the hunt is on for easy oil and gas.

The benign rural pastures that surround the base of Mt Taranaki, where people have carved out a quiet living, are riddled with the scars of fossil fuel extraction. Sarah Roberts and David Morrison are environmental award-winning farmers who have worked the land for generations. When an oil company moves in next door to their family farm, they are forced to deal with the effects of uncontrolled fracking and oil drilling along their quiet country road.

What started out as resistance against the desecration of the local countryside becomes a revelation of a local government system designed to protect profit before people.


James Muir



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