Love Child (2019)

  • 1h 52m
  • Eva Mulvad
  • Denmark
  • 2019

“Eva Mulvad’s film is remarkable for its intimate, extended access, its subtle political acuity and its personal window into a global crisis.”
— Guy Lodge, Variety

Blissfully happy together, Leila and Sahand have a cute little son. They’re not married – at least not to each other – and in Iran, that’s a crime punishable by death.

Sahand is being blackmailed into reporting for the secret service after being picked up for political activism in his youth. When the secret police begin pressuring him to bring in Leila, he decides they must flee before their affair is discovered.

In 2012, Leila, Sahand and their four-year-old love child Mani arrive in Turkey. They apply for asylum, setting off a maddening, Kafka-esque odyssey through the arcane and impenetrable bureaucracy of asylum-seeking.

Director Eva Mulvad followed the lovers for over six years to make the film.

“A vital document of the banal,
web-like bureaucracies
that catch countless people
in their discompassionate structures.

— Christopher Machell, CineVue

Love Child is a poignant portrait of a family of asylum seekers desperate to start a new life, but stalled in limbo.

Their fate rests on whether they have the right paperwork: paternity test results, divorce certificates, and evidence of persecution.

Is love enough to hold the family together?

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Eva Mulvad


Farsi, Turkish, English, Azerbaijani

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Leanne Pooley Interviews Eva Mulvad

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