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Scheduled Screening Thursday 2 September #2 - The Scam + Only Human

  • 24min
  • New Zealand
  • 2021

The Scam

Oliver Dawe (Director) and Amanda Jenkins (Producer).

The ultimate scam lures an elderly beekeeper around the world in this wild true-crime tale.

From Greymouth to São Paulo’s slums, Roy Arbon’s adventure ends in kidnap and imprisonment on foreign soil leaving him facing life behind bars. Uncovering every twist and turn of his riches-to-rags ride, does he really understand how close he came to catastrophe?

Only Human

Mia Maramara (Director) and Kate Goodwin (Producer).

A social media fight over sexism is the last straw for the liberal daughter of a chauvinistic father.

The youngest daughter of an old fashioned father can no longer accept their irreconcilable differences. Revisiting her Filipino upbringing to find out why her Dad is the way he is, she must decide whether to cut him out of her life for good.