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Silence Of The Tides

  • 1h 44m
  • Pieter-Rim De Kroon
  • Netherlands, Germany
  • 2020

This is an enchanting, poetic film about the largest tidal wetland in the world. With its glorious sunsets, diverse wildlife, and landscapes that change twice a day, the Wadden Sea has proven itself to be a photogenic place – yet never depicted as breathtakingly as it is here.  

The driving force of the film is the breathing of the sea, the inhaling and exhaling of the tides. It is a film of cycles involving the rolling life of flora and fauna, a film of contrast throughout the four seasons, life and death, storm and silence, the masses and the individual. All set against a backdrop of sky, water, wind, mist and constantly changing light.  

Doc Edge alumnus (Dutch Light) Director Pieter-Rim de Kroon’s observational style and cinematic eye for detail presents a sumptuous film that is a feast for the eyes. 

You can watch the post-screening Q+As for this film and others in this YouTube playlist.

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A magnificent nature experience portraying life along the Wadden Sea and lets the lyrical images speak for themselves.

This film is part of our Around the World in Nine Films Category, proudly presented by RNZ.


English, German, Dutch, Danish

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