The First Woman

  • 1h 17m
  • Miguel Eek
  • Spain
  • 2020

Eva will soon be allowed to leave the psychiatric institution she’s lived in for six years. Now she must wait until an assisted living residence frees up. Cigarettes and a few conversations help time pass, but are not enough. After a long year of waiting, the news arrives: a place is available. Eva takes the first steps towards the “normal” life she longs for: to find a job, earn an income of her own, visit her mother… even find love.  

While she’s taking stock of her past and working on her self-confidence, as well as her trust in the outside world, Eva also fixes firmly on her main goal: to reconnect with the son she lost custody of 20 years ago and to ask him to forgive her.  


This beautiful portrayal of one woman’s aspiration to live a ‘normal’ life, after struggling with loss and addiction, cements Miguel as a real talent to follow on the festival and awards circuit. 
Luke Brawley, Dogwoof


Miguel Eek


Miguel Eek


Marta Castells


Virginia Galán



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