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The First Woman

  • 1h 17m
  • Miguel Eek
  • Spain
  • 2020

Eva will soon be allowed to leave the psychiatric institution she’s lived in for six years. Now she must wait until an assisted living residence frees up. Cigarettes and a few conversations help time pass, but are not enough. After a long year of waiting, the news arrives: a place is available. Eva takes the first steps towards the “normal” life she longs for: to find a job, earn an income of her own, visit her mother… even find love.  

While she’s taking stock of her past and working on her self-confidence, as well as her trust in the outside world, Eva also fixes firmly on her main goal: to reconnect with the son she lost custody of 20 years ago and to ask him to forgive her.  


This beautiful portrayal of one woman’s aspiration to live a ‘normal’ life, after struggling with loss and addiction, cements Miguel as a real talent to follow on the festival and awards circuit. 
Luke Brawley, Dogwoof

This film is part of our State of Mind Category, proudly presented by Soar.


Miguel Eek


Miguel Eek


Marta Castells


Virginia Galán



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