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Yer Old Faither

  • 1h 26m
  • Heather Croall
  • Australia
  • 2020

Set in the Australian industrial town of Whyalla, this is an intimate portrait of John Croall, a Glaswegian immigrant to Australia, and the father of director Croall. John delivered three generations of babies and planted thousands of trees in the town. He was also a great letter writer, and this very personal documentary uses these letters as its point of departure.

This aging Australian is everyman, representing the struggles of an immigrant through the Twentieth Century. He is also exceptional. 

In this portrayal is an exploration which seeks to encompass the broader issues raised by the actions and responsibility of a life lived with passion. His legacy is one that acts on and precedes the environmental crisis, that we all have a personal responsibility to follow through on. There is hope, there is a destination, Croall is a man striving for a dream we all need to believe in.  

Director Croall is the recipient of this year’s Doc Edge Superhero Award.

You can watch the post-screening Q+As for this film and others in this YouTube playlist.

You can also see all the Q+As we’ve done online in this facebook playlist.


…insights which go beyond the personal and reflect on the status of women and approaches to medicine during the latter part of the 20th Century.
Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film 

[John Croall] was considered to have ‘magic hands’ with a flair for delivering babies in trouble.
Pat Byrne, Glasgow Westend

This film is part of our Family/Whānau Category, proudly presented by Rei Foundation.


Heather Croall


Heather Croall



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